Cultural Resources Services

Literature/Records Searches

DWE staff have established professional relationships with various state historical societies and divisions of state history. Our staff are experienced professional researchers and fully qualified to complete your Project's literature or records search.

Archaeological Surveys & Site Evaluation Testing

From Phase I to Class III pedestrian surveys, our team is ready for your projects's archaeological survey needs. We've completed surveys, including surface surveys and shovel testing throughout the Western, Northwestern, Central, Southeastern United States on projects from less than half an acre in size, to more than 5,000 acres.

Not sure if your archaeological site is significant? Our professional archaeologists have extensive experience in evaluating archaeological sites for nomination to the National Register of Historic Places.

Data Recovery & Mitigation

Is your Project adversely impacting a significant archaeological site? We can help! From drafting the data recovery plan, executing various types of cost-effective mitigation methods, to archaeological monitoring, we can help!

GIS Analysis & Modeling

Geospatial analysis of archaeological sites and archaeological modeling are an important part of how and where archaeologists work. Our field professionals are proficient with Terrasync, Trimble and Garmin GPS units, and ESRI's ArcMap Programs, as well as Google Earth and Garmin's GPX data collection and modeling software.

Artifact Analysis and Curation Prep

Many different types of artifacts can be recovered from archaeological sites during Phase I-III investigations. From lithic analysis to faunal analysis; geoarchaeological analysis to human remains, the DWE team is fully equipped to conduct your artifact analysis and prepare artifacts for curation at an approved curation facility.

Other Services

Cultural resources involves more than just literature searches, archaeological surveys, and excavations. Our staff have more than 75 years of cumulative experience preparing technical reports, culture histories, and consulting with Federal and State agencies and Tribal Councils for different projects all over the United States.

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