Recent Projects

Homochitto National Forest Bug Treatment Surveys

Phase I Archaeological Survey of 3200.54 acres in the Homochitto National Forest west of Brookhaven, MS. A crew of 12 DWE archaeologists conducted shovel testing and pedestrian survey under tight time constraints. Field work for all three phases of the project was completed ahead of schedule.

Dixie Comstock North Archaeological Survey

DWE's crew of four archaeologists surveyed 3623 acres of the Nez Perce/Clearwater National Forest, revisited and updated 26 known archaeological sites, and recorded more than 160 newly identified archaeological sites near Dixie, Idaho.

TDOT Stream Mitigation Project

DWE conducted a Phase I archaeological survey of 48 acres for the Tennessee Department of Transportation's stream mitigation project, north of Nashville, TN.

US Highway 6 Paleontological Monitoring

DWE Paleontologists conducted archaeological monitoring on US Highway 6 in the North Horn and Price River Formations. The North Horn contains the preserved remains of vertebrates, invertebrates, plants and trace fossils, including animal trackways, while very little is known about fossils from the Price River Formation.

Blacksmith Fork Trail Environmental Surveys

The DWE team of archaeologists, wetlands ecologists, and wildlife biologists conducted an archaeological survey, wetlands assessment, and T&E species survey on behalf of Cache County for their proposed extension of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail through Blacksmith Fork Canyon.

Mineral Exploration Project, Northern Idaho

DWE conducted a literature search and pedestrian inventory of a mineral exploration corridor for a private mining client in Northern Idaho.